High-Performance Specialty Rope

High-Performance Specialty Rope Products

Flex X63255

Flex-X 6

Flex-X 6 ropes provide greater surface area and more steel per given diameter than conventional 6 strand ropes.

Flex X93253

Flex-X 9

Flex-X 9 was specifically designed for boom hoist applications where drum crushing is a challenge.

Flex X193257

Flex-X 19

Flex-X 19 is Ideal for multipart hoist lines wherever you encounter spooling problems, drum crushing, block twisting or have fast line speeds.


19x7 is used in an application where a single-part hoist rope is used to lift a free load ? or where rotation-resistant properties are essential for rope performance.



XLT4?s unique design and construction is different in appearance and feel compared to other wire ropes; packing more high tensile steel wire into the rope?s diameter, which gives XLT4 one of the highest strength to diameter ratios ever achieved.

Turboblast8x25 3248

HD8K – 8-Strand

7 Strand PFV

7 Flex & 7 Flex PFV

The 7-Flex construction offers improved resistance to bending fatigue. The PFV plastic-impregnated feature further enhances service life and makes the operation cleaner.

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