The Slingmax product line offers a wide range of light weight high performance synthetic slings capable of lifting loads ranging from 1 Ton up to 600 Tons.

Slingmax Products

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TPXCF Twin-Path Extra Covermax® w/Check-Fast®

Twin-Path® synthetic roundslings have Check-Fast® Inspection overload indicators, Covermax® Covers for superior abrasion resistance, and inner red covers as an aid to inspection.

sling protection

Sling Protection

Sling protection is vital to protect your slings from cuts. We carry CornerMax Pads, CornerMax Sleeves, and Synthetic Armor Pads

synthetic armor

Synthetic Armor

Synthetic Armor™ Pads protect slings from abrasion damage that can be caused by contact with rough surfaces such as concrete beams and structures. They are also used to protect finished or painted loads from marring. These pads can be made to fit any length or width sling.

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SPXCF Check-Fast® High-Performance Round Slings

Single-Path Roundslings by Slingmax® Rigging Solutions are the only single path roundslings available with K-Spec® core yarn and the Check-Fast? Inspection System. These roundslings are lightweight, durable, and dependable.

Let Commercial Group Lifting products help determine which Slingmax product is right for your application.

  • Commercial Group Lifting Products is a licensed Slingmax Dealer.
  • All Slingmax slings are proof tested, tagged, and certified.

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