Chain Slings

We are an authorized chain sling fabrication and repair station for Campbell Chain, Columbus McKinnon, and Peerless Chain. We also supply the full line of Crosby GrabIQ chain slings.

Chain Slings Products

Single Leg Chain Sling

Single Leg Chain Sling

Grade 100 Single Leg Chain Slings

2 Legged Chain Sling

2-Legged Chain Slings

Grade 100 Double Leg Chain Slings

3 Legged Chain Sling

3-Legged Chain Slings

Grade 100 Triple Leg Chain Slings

4 Legged Chain Sling

4-Legged Chain Slings

Grade 100 Quad Leg Chain Slings

GrabIQ, Chain Slings

GrabIQ Chain Slings

GrabIQ slings have many advantages over traditional chain slings including; built-in shortening pockets, reduced sling weight due to less fittings and fewer bearing points for reduced wear and increased sling life.

Let Commercial Group Lifting Products help determine the best chain sling for your application.

  • We have qualified fabricators to manufacture both welded and mechanical chain slings.
  • Our Inspectors have been trained to properly inspect chain slings and follow strict removal criteria per the NACM Standards.
  • Chain Slings are available in sizes ranging from 7/32 up to 1-1/2 in diameter.

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