Commercial Group Lifting Products stocks a complete line of alloy and carbon chain which can be utilized in a variety of ways, including lifting, dragging, pulling and more.

Chain Products


Grade 30 Chain

Also known as Proof Coil chain, Grade 30 chain is typically used as a swing set chain, tow chain, or logging chain. Grade 30 is the lowest grade of carbon chain.


Grade 43 Chain

Also known as High Test chain, Grade 43 chain is typically used as a load binding chain, tow chain, or logging chain. Grade 43 is your mid-grade carbon chain.


Grade 70 Chain

Also known as Transport Chain, Grade 70 chain is typically used for load binding, towing, or logging. Grade 70 is the strongest carbon chain.


Grade 80 Chain

Grade 80 Alloy chain is used for lifting, can be made into slings for overhead lifting and carries a design factor of 4:1.


Grade 100 Chain

Grade 100 Alloy chain is 25% stronger than Grade 80 Alloy chain and enables you to perform the same lifts with lighter weight chain. Grade 100 Alloy chain also carries a design factor of 4:1.

Let Commercial Group Lifting Products help you determine the best chain for your application.

  • We offer a wide variety of utility chain, carbon chain, and alloy lifting chain from quality domestic manufacturers such as Peerless, Campbell, and Columbus McKinnon.
  • Sizes range from 3/16 up to 1-1/4, cut to length, in stock for immediate delivery.
  • Alloy and carbon chain can be fitted with hooks and links to fit your application.

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