Inspection, Testing, and Certifications

We provide a variety of inspections, testing, and certification for complete OSHA/ANSI compliance. We have portable vertical and horizontal proof testers equipped with computerized load cells for in-plant use. Our portable vertical testers can be set up at your location for proof testing. Our portable horizontal tester is located in our mobile testing bus.

  • Mobile testing for onsite inspections.
  • Multiple locations for testing at our facility.
  • Certification reports with graph.
  • Records are kept in our database in case of future need.

Sling Inspection

Hardware Inspections

Hoist Inspections

Mag Part

Magnetic Particle Inspections

Mobile Inspection Services

Fall Protection Inspections

Certified Testing Experts


Sample Sling Inspection Report

Our inspection reports are easy to read and can be delivered by e-mail for fastest service.

inspection report
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